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Try our proofreading service and you will see amazing results in your business.

When a writer utilizes professional proofreading services, he or she is taking the extra step in terms of making sure that the final document is free of errors and mistakes and intelligible. ContentZeus expert proofreaders review your documents and correct errors in spellings, punctuation, grammar and usage. We also look at the details surrounding the copy, such as page numbers, formulae, footnotes and indices. Our team approach ensures that your copy will be reviewed by at least two expertís proofreaders. We will make sure that every '' i'' is dotted and every ''t'' is crossed.
Our expertís proofreaders have extensive experience of working with U.S. and international students, authors, poets, bloggers, solicitors, graphic designers, web and IT companies and a variety of other business. We have worked on wide range of projects including magazines, university and college prospectuses, short stories, novels and poetry and application forms and CVís. Try our proofreading service and you will see amazing results in your business.

Some salient features of our white papers are:

  • Professionally trained proofreaders provide quick and accurate service.
  • No order is too small! We donít have a minimum or maximum limit on the number of pages you provide for proofreading
  • We proofread anything-from brochures to book manuscripts!
  • Complete copyediting services- if you want your articles completely reworked, all you have to do is ask!
  • Quick Turnaround Time Ė Within 3 Business Days!!

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