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Nothing sells your business better than a professionally made video testimonial

You may know your business inside and outside, but you canít be as convincing to your would be customer as a happy and satisfied customer can. Happy customers are your best sales people. The only thing that speaks louder than photos and a letter is the voice coming from the clientís mouth Ė a personal video testimonial.

ContentZeus: Now adding visual dimensions to your internet marketing campaigns

Capturing video testimonials for your website add authenticity, credibility and personality. Written testimonials simply do not compare to the impact of video testimonials.
ContentZeus have the knowledge and expertise to make sure our client that everything is done efficiently from the making of video testimonial to the post production and publishing. Our videos are proven effective to build credibility, visibility and sales. We have some expertís videographers and editing experts, who take videos, add graphics, voice over and music to your video.
Whether it is a scripted testimonial, a promotional video, a slide presentation or animated visuals, we have the team of experts who knows their work and ensure that our clients satisfaction remain intact. Ultimately, we will present a unique and exclusive video that will take your business to new heights and increased client interaction.

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30 Sec Starting $199.85
45 Sec Starting $249.85
1 Min Starting $399.85
Video scripted by ContentZeus - Additional ($22.85 / 30 Sec)
*Aforementioned prices are applicable for video only. Further video editing will incur further charges.



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